Home Governance 365 days in Office: Hon. Adewale Temitope (JAH) hails Sanwoolu, Hamzat

365 days in Office: Hon. Adewale Temitope (JAH) hails Sanwoolu, Hamzat

365days in Office: Hon. Adewale Temitope (JAH) hails Sanwoolu, Hamzat

Congratulations Your Excellency, Mr Sanwo Olu And Dr Obafemi Hamzat

Today marks the first 365 days equivalent to 8,760 hours that you mounted the throne of leadership to Govern and lead the state of excellence and aquatic splendour. It has indeed been an impactful journey with moments of purposeful service delivery, leadership and sterling performance.

No doubt, your administration has had its fair share of many hurdles with the recent being the Corona Virus ( COVID 19) pandemic, which you have had to contend with headlong from the very first index case. Your timely response and daily feedback to the people is quite impressive.

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Your love for delivering quality service is unequal as you have developed such courage to act in the interest of the people even in the face of dwindling economic resources.
Truly you are a good manager of people and resources. Your administration’s resolve to ensure the completion of many inherited projects across the state and the giant stride in reposition and reorganisation of our transport system is phenomenal.
The Transport Sector being the first letter of the THEME agenda has immensely benefitted from your government.

Below are some of the achievements of your administration in the sector within the last 365 days;

The rebranding and launching of LAGFERRY Jetty, injection of new Boats for safe carriage of passengers on the waterway, employment of Hundreds of LASTMA officials for the improvement of traffic management, Rehabilitation of roads for free flow of traffic, Establishment of transportation boards, The activation of the just concluded Transport Reform Law by the House of Assembly.

365days in Office: Hon. Adewale Temitope (JAH) hails Sanwoolu, Hamzat

Reorganization of the transport UNION- NURTW, deployment of new buses to the newly constructed BRT Lanes, The launching of the new VIS computerized Centre, Expansion of investment into or waterways. Establishment of the Waterways Coastal Guards, Speedy completions of the Blue and Red lines in our railway corridors and introduction of 4 more lines to help the mass transit system in the State, The Integration of the traffic And transport system whereby the Rail is connected to the Bus Rapid Transport and to the waterways Transport system.
These and many more are there for people to see as evidence of your genuinity to governance and has further endeared the people to your government.

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To this end, We the people of Ifako Ijaiye Constituency 01 wishes to celebrate you and your deputy for a job well done and congratulate you for your leadership and dedication over the last 365 days.
We wish to let you know we love you and we are in support of your administration’s THEME agenda which is geared towards making life easy, prosperous and better for Lagos.

As your journey through the next 365 days in office, we wish you God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding, strength and sound health, and the courage to do more for Ifako Ijaiye People and Lagosian at large.

Congratulations to you once again.

Hon. Adewale Temitope Adedeji
MHA, Ifako Ijaiye Constituency 01
Chairman, House Committee on Transportation.

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