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8million Dole Out As BAO Crusaders Cooperative Society Marks Anniversary in grand style

8million Dole Out As BAO Crusaders Cooperative Society Marks Anniversary in grand style
  • Three tricycles doled out, making it 10 this year
  • 20 BAO singers cooperators shared 1 Million Naira as business support
  • Outstanding CRUSADERS members rewarded with soft loans
  • OLABINJO facilitated #6 Million External loans for Baoku Cooperative Multipurpose society Ltd.

The life patron of BAO CRUSADERS, BAO SINGERS AND BAOKU Cooperative Society Ltd. and former Chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Hon. Benjamin Adeyemi OLABINJO on Tuesday the 24th day of November 2020 reassured members of his initiated cooperative societies of his relentless effort to making them improve their businesses and making them independent of stipends that cannot lift but ridicule them.
He made this known during the end of the year celebration and Anniversary of BAO CRUSADERS CMS Ltd.

OLABINJO who emphasised reasons for initiating these cooperative societies especially among grassroots politicians who over the years have been notioned to be jobless, useless and corporate beggers as a way to build human capital among themselves and use their resources judiciously which will inturn have positivities on the larger society.

The President of the Cooperative societies, Chief Olatunji Akeredolu in his speech did salute the brain behind the project and quickly warned members not to politicize the scheme but be focused on their businesses.

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“You can only empower yourself through what you have gathered among yourselves, OLABINJO is only giving you the platform to excel, whenever we need his patronage we shall call him in”

“What you are seeing today is what you have been able to gather among yourselves.
I can only encourage you to do more”

In his speech, vice president of the Lagos State Cooperative Federation LASCOFEDS, MR Fela Oduiyugbo said he was impressed with what the CRUSADERS Cooperative Multipurpose Society has become in just a year he inaugurated it.


Toeing the same line of President Akeredolu, Mr Fela said Cooperative societies have being very instrumental in raising lives and elevating businesses.

“Your patron has told you he doesn’t want any of you to beg politicians for stipends but depends on yourselves, you can only do this if you have support for your businesses”.

“I have known OLABINJO for decades and he has refused to change from being a sincere, concern and helping hands”.

Hon. Abati, Baoku President in his testimony said OLABINJO recently facilitated the external loan of 6 Million Naira for 40 members among the Baoku Cooperative Society and said his intention is to raise hundreds of millionaires through the three Cooperative societies.

In recognition of their performance in the last year, a million Naira loan was given to outstanding cooperators across the BAO CRUSADERS CMS units, four outstanding cooperators form Baoku were gifted gifts.

Three new tricycles operators from three units that performed exceptionally well this year were added to the list of beneficiaries. This, making it 10 tricycles doled out by the BAO CRUSADERS Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. since inception late last year.

In the same vein, 20 members from a sister society -BAO singers Cooperative Multipurpose society were given a loan of one Million Naira, shared #50, 000 each.

Doing this, Hon. OLABINJO urged beneficiaries to make good use of the fund and repay in time for other members to benefit the same.

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He added that he preferred to empower the people through Cooperative scheme than the people running around political officers for stipends that cannot support their business but in return, treated with scorn and rejection.

A special guest at the event and a bonafide member of the brother society Baoku Cooperative Society Ltd. Hon Hammed Idowu Tijani – HID advised all beneficiaries to make judicious use of the opportunity being granted to them in line with the mission and vision of the initiator.

8million Dole Out As BAO Crusaders Cooperative Society Marks Anniversary in grand style


“This is unprecedented and uncommon. To reorient staunt politicians in this way”

He commended the Management Committee led by Chief Akeredolu Olatunji for holding forth to the beliefs, mission and vision of the patron.

It will be recalled that Baoku CMS Ltd was established 6years ago, BAO Singers Cooperative Multipurpose society Ltd, 3years ago and recently the one-year-old BAO CRUSADERS Cooperative Society Ltd. The trio certificated.


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