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Again: Ojokoro Council Boss signs contract for the council youths to play soccer abroad


In a bid to ensure Ojokoro football stars play for international clubs, the Executive Chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area, Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani (HID) has signed another contract with DMFM Sports and Travel Limited who will continue to train the youth and project them for clubs abroad.

You will recall that in the first tenure of the council boss, he organized a football talent hunt where soccer stars discovered were sponsored abroad for international trials which has given some of the boys to play abroad with one of them securing a permanent shirt with a Ukrainian team.
Hon. HID Tijani in a meeting with the manager of DMFM Sports and Travel Limited, Pastor Destiny B. Nnebemchukwu Gold insisted that all the boys must get another team to sign them on abroad as that is the reason for the talent hunt in the first place.

“I don’t want a trial any longer. Make efforts for our stars to keep fit because I need a club to pick up our youths outside the shores. We just need them to be up to their game thus the need for this meeting and alliance” he said.

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“You can help me get Nigerian clubs in the meantime for our youth pending the time we finished our talk with our international partners. This will keep them alive and active and open them for more opportunities”, HID Tijani concluded.

Pastor Destiny therefore assured the council boss and players of outermost support in cases of contract signing abroad and make arrangement especially for bigger gains on the part of the player.

He urged all players should see this as an opportunity to achieve their vision and not hold on to a sense of entitlement. While employing the players to be cautious of their actions and behavior when they finally secure their tickets.

“You have to see this as a great opportunity to stardom as this is a rear privilege and it first of its kind for a local government chairman to embark on such an expensive project for his youths. Please always be appreciative of the council boss contribution because it takes a man with good heart to do this”, he concluded”, Pastor Destiny concluded.


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