Success and Growth of a man is not measured by what you accomplish or wealth accumulation, instead it is measured by the number of people who attain greater heights, triumph, rejuvenation and become succesful through him.

Unarguably, Asiwaju a suis generis being, a man of valour, if being measured based on the former will definitely get an astounding scorecard due to his unrelentless effort towards building reputable leaders in the country which are numerous in different fields in the society.

Apparently, every generation has its legend, you’re indeed the special one of ours. The father of modern Lagos. A Democrat, Nigeria’s 21st century political guru, a federalist, father, mentor and a common sense revolutionist. The prominent son of one in a million icon late Alhaja Abibat Mogaji OFR.

There is only one way in our polity today, the bourdillon way. Little wonder pundits have submitted that only three (3) political tendencies had ever existed in the South-west. The Awoist, Afenifere and Tinubuist. All of which are embodified in your person.

Everywhere you go, those who are fortunate enough to see the light always hold you dear to heart jealously. It might interest one to ponder why Mobil Oil Nigeria, Ltd; did everything possible to discourage you on the verge of your resignation to join politics. While in diaspora you ensured that the NADECO movement was well funded.

A dogged and rugged fighter whose entry into politics in the early 90’s was a fire baptism that almost cost you and other democrats your dear lives. However, his courage made him maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds

The saviour of democracy in the 4th republic. It takes the efforts and tenacity of Asiwaju to stop Nigeria from becoming a one party country in 2003. That was indeed the saving grace and the seed sowing moment for the progressive governance we now enjoy in majority of states and by extension at the federal level.


Akanbi A. Saheed Afonja National Leader, Bola Tinubu Ambassadors and the Jagaban of the Universe


A teacher who taught us never to walk away or fiddle while Rome burn to unjust practices but to give it our all to correct the status quo because a dream conceived and executed through the ashes of injustice will uphold the practice of justice. This is exemplified in the electoral reforms you instigated to successfully retrieve the stolen mandates in Osun, Ekiti, Ondo and Edo (2007-2010).

A selfless Patriot who is always ready to sleep hungry, provided his followers stay happy. You fought and laboured for all we enjoy today. A highly detribalised Nigerian who unprecedentedly appointed people from diverse culture both young and old in his cabinet as a Governor of Lagos State. Placing competency above ethnicity and tribalism.

An embodiment of hard work and resilience pays off, a man who has exemplified that no matter what may, we should keep sailing onwards till we arrive in Israel (promise Land) and going back to Egypt should never be an option.

A nation builder, noiseless philanthropist, trailblazer, and orator. Your speeches and actions contribute to our knowledge of politics, literature, administration as well as critical thinking.

You go through daily criticism in your quest to make Nigeria a paradise country but you keep your eye on the goal not minding the naysayers. Rather than soften just like the fronds of coconut palm you stand stiffer.

Asiwaju deserves every good thing that comes his way because goodness follow those that do good. One of the African sayings that; as a man dances, so were the drums beaten for him.

In the words of Bruce Wilkinson “A moment of gratitude shows a difference in your attitude.” We appreciate you for all you do and your persistence stands on national development.

Hypocrisy can not stop the sweetness of honey. A lot can be said about a man who is heavenly contrived, even a thousand epistle won’t say it all.

We choose to follow our leader today, tomorrow and forever and as the the legendary Niccolo Machiavelli submitted “A wise man ought to always follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have excelled, so that if his ability does not equal theirs, at least it will savour of it.”

I must submit that “Above all, man is man, politics is politics, governance is governance, but political thought and a political (progressive) thinker supercedes them all.” We are happy to have a progressive thinker like A former Senator, Governor, Asiwaju Dr. Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu as our leader. Many prosperous years to come as you rail towards the peak.


Akanbi A. Saheed Afonja
National Leader, Bola Tinubu Ambassadors &
Convener, Bola Tinubu Youth Summit


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