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Atiku on #Twitterban: Business environment can now have a fresh breath

Atiku Abubakar
Atiku Abubakar

People’s Democratic Party chieftain, Atiku Abubakar has lent his voice to the decision of the federal government to lift the ban on Twitter.

The former Vice President of Nigeria noted that the ban on Twitter had its toll on the business of young Nigerians. Noting that many youths depend on that microblogging platform to strive. He pinned that for the seven months that the ban was placed so many of them had been drastically affected.

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“The effects of the #TwitterBan, particularly on small businesses, was evident for all to see. I am glad that the ban has finally been lifted, and our young people who are already dealing with the challenging business environment can now have a breath of fresh air to thrive”, Atiku tweeted.

Reactions have further hit the space as many Twitter user takes a hard tone on Atiku saying he is playing on the emotions of young Nigerians who depend on the platform for their daily meat.

Atiku’s Tweet



Tolutife of @TtifeB tweeted,  Sir, forget all these epistles, you’re not nearing that Aso Rock come 2023 but open the vaults for your followers, let them scam you as usual.




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