Customer petition CBN, copy bank headquarters.
Bank already tracked some of the money to other banks.
Investigation will be concluded soon.


A commercial bank in Lagos has began investigation into missing fund from customer’s account, owing to a complaint from the customer to the bank. Mrs. F. O Balogun who said she opened an account with the bank (name withheld) but yet to get the account details and particulars, but later noticed fund  deductions from the account she opened with a huge sum.


The complaint which was filed by the customer’s solicitor DAYO AZEEZ & CO. In the petition to the legal department of the bank headquarters in Marina, Lagos, requesting the bank to refund the sum of Six Hundred and Forty Thousand Naira, Six Hundred and Twenty Seven Naira, Nine Kobo (N640,627,09) which was missing from his client’s account.


According to the letter written by the solicitor, a staff of the bank advised Balogun to open a specified account type which she obliged.


Having opened the said account, Balogun credited the account with a reasonable amount while the bank staff was yet to give the details of the new account to the customer only to discover later that a large sum had been fraudulently transferred from the account but all effort to get back the fund proved abortive.


The head of Legal Service Department, Emmanuel Esekie who spoke to newsmen said the bank swung into action when the complaint was received and the bank has been able to trace part of the fund to two other commercial banks in Nigeria and the accounts of the individuals used for the fraudulent transactions has been tracked while efforts are been made to clamp on the perpetrators.


He however confirmed that part of the fund has been transferred to the account where it was drawn. “Efforts are being made to retrieve all the money and it will be deposited to the account where it was drawn. It’s just so unfortunate that the transaction was said to have been from the customer’s mobile number which makes this a bit complicated for the audit department to unravel but we will act accordingly.” Emmanuel said.


As at the time of filling this report, a call was put through Balogun who said she is yet to get any refund into her bank account. “I have not seen any money o, no credit alert received as I speak to you now, though not too long ago I received a form to fill for collection of One hundred and Eighty-one thousand but  as we speak, no money has been credited”,  Balogun concluded.


Meanwhile, the investigation is still ongoing as confirmed by the head of legal service, he also promised to get back as soon as the investigation is concluded.


The customer recently petitioned the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, demanding quick refund of her missing fund.



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