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BREAKING:” I HAVE CURE FOR COVID-19,” Pharm Ben Amodu Displays His Claim Drug

BREAKING:” I HAVE CURE FOR COVID-19,” Pharm Ben Amodu Displays His Claim Drug

Foremost pharmacist and proprietor of Africa Alternative Medicine Hospital, based in Abuja, Ben Amodu has laid claim to drugs that can cure COVID-19.

Pharm. Amodu, a Fellow of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria and alternative medicine caregiver, in an interview in Abuja said that he has drugs that can handle all the symptoms of the new Coronavirus.

The researcher and owner of 30-bed alternative medicine hospital reiterated that his SAABMAL drug for the cure of malarial fever and typhoid is more effective than chloroquine.

“It is listed by NAFDAC and it’s in the market doing very well. It cures malaria, typhoid within a few hours of use. And now it can prevent and cure Coronavirus,” Ben Amodu explained.

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He further pointed out, “The SAABMAL, which beat chloroquine in an international forum in Addis Ababa, was tested in a suppressive test, provocative test and creative test. It has 95% effectiveness against f.persiferium which is a positive agent of malaria and it’s also an absolvent in the treatment of so many diseases”

The researcher claimed that his drugs, SAABMAL, SAAB and SAABFAT6 recently cured three patients, who were exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus, in a very short time, adding that the claim is verifiable.

The major problem with the handling of the dreaded virus, he stressed, was the lack of faith in alternative medicine, by the government.

“I am a lead phyto-medicine researcher. Immediately the pandemic broke out, the Honourable Minister of Science and Technology issued a statement that whosoever was a local researcher, that has knowledge in this area, should write to his office. I was the first person to contact them,” he pointed out.

But to his dismay, the office of the Honourable Minister has not reached out to him, even when he reminded him of his claims, after a long wait.

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“We are ready to work with the government,” he said, stressing that “SAABMAL, which has been listed more than 10 years ago is for malaria and typhoid and, by latest discovery now, it can cure of Coronavirus” Prof. Ben Amodu said.

“SAABFAT6 takes care of and prevents cancer of the lungs, pneumonia and fibrosis. It boosts the immune. So far, the combo of my three products are fantastic. I have two vaccines for Nigeria, which I have given the government to test. What else Am I to do?” Amodu querried.

He remarked, “My research work is just the same as the ones Nigeria want to get from other countries”.

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Hear him: “Nigerians should know that what we have is better than what the world has. I always subject my products to analysis, in line with the best practices. I appeared on NTA panorama and promised to produce malaria drugs that will be the best in the world and it has come to past. SAABMAL We sent SAABMAL to America for analysis, then an American publisher exposes the details of our products to the world. Also, WHO sponsored us to UN to present it and the presentation was for suppression, prevention and cure of malaria, compared to the standard of chloroquine arthemytamin.”

He urged Nigerians and the Nigerian government to get serious with the handling of COVID-19 if it wants results.



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