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Commonwealth appoints Magu as Anti-graft head


Commonwealth has appointed Mr. Ibrahim Magu, the Ag. Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as the Vice-Chairman of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa. This was made known at the end of her 7th regional conference in Malawi followed by a decision that Nigeria hosts her forth coming conference in the year 2018.


At the conference, several issues were deliberated by the heads of anti-graft agencies of Commonwealth Africa which include review of the progress of the anti-corruption campaign in Commonwealth Africa, the need for home agencies to intensify on the use of modern techniques for investigation, education and preventive measures in corruption combat, and also consider the implementation of “whistle-blowing legislation for effective protection of whistle-blowers.”


Mr. Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Ag. Chairman


They also employ respective agencies to maintain interpersonal relationship to improve learning, sharing of ideas cum experiences and launch a platform for data sharing which will enhance effective asset recover.


After the deliberations at the conference, a communiqué was issued by the delegates where they emphasize the need to own a platform where countries’ innovation against corruption to promote good governance and emerging practices will be shared among others.


The conference also encouraged members to work with other sectors to enhance corruption fight and cooperate with the media, African Union Advisory Board on Corruption, private organizations and the civil society



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