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Coronavirus 9ja: The Lesson, The Sacrifice, The Take Home


This is about the best of the opinions I have seen on this coronvirus pandemic so far. It’s coming from an erudite public analyst of repute and a social welfare crusader, Oluwadare Seedorf.

He wrote:


Build Hospital “No”

Provide basic amenities of life ” No”

We want to renovate National Assembly. Now they (Nass members) are also running for their lives like the ordinary helpless masses and even left the National Assembly for safety.

Thank God abroad is also not safe, if not, ordinary Nigerians will be left to battle this coronavirus and die one by one.

Their humongous salary and allowance that prevent the building and equipment of modern hospitals, modern schools and other basic amenities of life can not guarantee them safety.

I hope our leaders will learn from the outbreak of Coronavirus and desist from their acquisitive, greedy, selfish, self-centered, gluttonous, insatiable, rapacious, self seeking, and worldly style of leadership and make their leadership style people centered and people-focused.

“When you hear ordinary Nigerians saying, is it not better to die of Coronavirus than to die of hunger inside the house? It is evident that government has refused to make provision to cushion the effect of the compliance of ‘stay at home’ like it is done in abroad.

Governance goes beyond making proclamation and giving orders, it involves the provision of the needed demulcent and mitigatory palliative to cushion the effect of such order.

Our National Assembly members and other political office holders on humongous salary and allowance should sacrifice at least one month of their pay to fight this coronavirus if they really care about the people and this country called Nigeria.


©Seedorf Oluwadare


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