Home Grassroot COVID-19: Isolo sensitizes CDAs on control of mild cases

COVID-19: Isolo sensitizes CDAs on control of mild cases

COVID-19: Isolo sensitizes CDAs on control of mild cases

In compliance with the state government’s directive, the Executive Chairman of Isolo LCDA, Hon Shamsudeen Abiodun Olaleye has launched an advocacy and sensitization programme on how to handle mild cases of COVID-19 positive cases in Isolo communities.

The launching aptly titled: ‘Intensive Advocacy and Sensitization On Transition To Home Based Care of Asymptomatic or Mild Positives Cases of COVID-19’ was held at the council secretariat on Monday 30th June 2020.
In his opening address, the chairman of Isolo Community Development Committee (CDC), Mr. Adesegun Olatunde, enjoined community leaders to double their efforts at curtailing the spread of Corona Virus in communities by heeding to government’s directive at all times.

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He informed there are no more spaces in isolation centres across the state adding that PHCs have been equipped with well-trained staff and equipments to handle asymptomatic or mild cases of Corona Virus.
He further informed that community leaders have a responsibility to report suspected cases to the local committees set up in all local governments to handle such matters.

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The CDC chairman also expressed the government’s displeasure that “people are no longer observing the laid down guidelines thinking that the pandemic is over.

“This is far from being true. That is why the number of infected patients is rising daily. We are the one transmitting this virus from person to person,” Olatunde noted.

COVID-19: Isolo sensitizes CDAs on measures to control mild cases
Cross-section of Participant at the event in Isolo

As a precautionary measure, the community leader advised residents to observe personal hygiene and regular washing of hands at all times.
In his remark, the Executive Chairman of Isolo LCDA, Hon Shamsudeen Abiodun Olaleye noted that it is absurd for anyone to dismiss the presence of the deadly virus in Nigeria noting that the rising number of positive cases is enough reason for concern.

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“Recent figures have placed Oshodi/Isolo among the 18 local governments with prevailing cases of COVID-19 and as a government, we have a responsibility to re-write the narratives.

“But we are presently battling ‘Doubting Thomases’ who are wrongly alluding there is no Corona Virus. I see this as the product of the mindset. Despite information on radio, television and social media, some people still believe there is no virus; they believe it is a bid to make money. If that’s true, is that the same in China and other countries of the world? He queried.

Hon. Olaleye added: “It was easy to monitor cases at the early stage. But the need not to create panic prompted us not to raise a red flag when the number started rising. We must face the hard fact. that COVID-19 is here with us. We must change our mindset. COVID-19 is real, ” he said.

In order to sustain the momentum, the council boss told community leaders present at the event that the gathering would become a regular affair adding that the menace of COVID-19 demands regular sensitization if the citizenry.


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