Home Governance COVID-19 Pandemic: Another Nigeria law maker tests positive

COVID-19 Pandemic: Another Nigeria law maker tests positive

COVID-19 Pandemic: Another Nigeria law maker tests positive

COVID-19 pandemic has been ravaging several countries of the world and Nigeria is not an exception. From when the coronavirus was discovered in Nigeria, several citizens have come in contact and tested positive to the virus.

Deputy Speaker of Gombe State House of Assembly, Siddi Buba, has tested positive for coronavirus. The legislature disclosed his COVID-19 status to the state-owned media corporation.

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During interphase with the legislature, he made known that the virus is real and further advised those believing the pandemic is not true to change such thought as the virus is very true and real.

Siddi used the opportunity to admonish the good people of Gombe to obey all the government rules, regulations and other principles that are aimed at curtailing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Coronavirus is real and every laid down protocol should be respected,” he said, adding that “physical distancing, use of sanitizers, and face masks are sure means of escaping the pandemic,” he said.

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Buba is the sixth lawmaker to test positive after the speaker and four others had earlier tested positive for COVID-19.

He represents Kwami West in the state sixth assembly and assumed office after the impeachment of Haruna Adamu in 2019.

While calling on his supporters to support him with prayers. He is optimistic about his recovery and belives God will do wonders. “I will recover,” Buba said.

Buba has now joined other government officials on self-isolation.


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