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CPS 57 Activities: LG Chairmen are so lucky to have these hands, Mayor hails


Yekinni Adeyemi reports…

The Executive Chairman of Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area, Hon. Mayor Dele Oshinowo speaking through his representative Hon. Peter Bamisaye, the Supervisor for Environments of the LCDA has given kudos to Conference 57 Chief Press Secretaries (CPS 57) in Lagos State as she holds her monthly meeting which the August 2019 is hosted by the council.

The event which witnessed the presence of large number of the mouth piece of the grassroots to deliberate on the developmental activities of the forum.  According to him CPS 57 has been able to project all the activities of council chairmen and this justifies the creation of the 37 Local Council Development Area created by the erstwhile Governor of Lagos State and the National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Jagaban Borgu of Africa.


Conference 57 Chief Press Secretaries is a group of young professionals whose responsibilities is to project the activities of all Lagos State Council Chairmen. Governance at the local government is the closest government to the people and its activities and functionalities are directly felt by the people.

It is worthy of note that government at all levels are performing at their various space but what is being done are not known by the people who are directly affected because what they do is not known.  Furthermore, opportunities opened to the citizen are not well tapped and utilized as a result of publicity and awareness. Thus the birth of CPS 57 to complement the job of Public Affairs Officers in the state.


Hon. Peter Bamisaye speaking with GOVTOROS said, “council chairmen are very lucky to have these sets of professionals to project their persons and that of the council and these has really shown us to the entire nation and beyond”. He further urged Conference 57 Chairmen to utilize the CPS 57 judiciously so as for them to be clearly seen because media is the key and one cannot continue to wink in the dark, he said.

Hon.  Bamisaye conclusively advised the media professionals to continue to work in unity and love as that is the only way to keep the flag of the association flying as they continue to put Lagos on the globe.

Also present at the meeting is the Public Affairs Officer Agboyi-Ketu Local Council Development Area, Prince Olawale Cole who has been doing wonderfully well in the council.


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