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Data to browse: Free for citizens during nationwide lock down

Free browsing data and free service

Data is really needed to comply with a stay at home directives from the government. it is no longer news that countries are locking down and shutting borders to stop the further spread of the pandemic. Many organizations have resulted to work from home due to the pandemic outbreak.

China has just come out of her lockdown holiday most especially in Wuhan and activities are picking up. The pandemic took the whole of the site bit China was able to curtail it on time.

Several nations are counting their death in hundreds but African pandemic data has a fair deal as its hopes to end the pandemic in due time.

Nigeria has also followed suit in the national lockdown as directed by President Muhammadu Buhari in his presidential broadcast. The country has just recorded 139cases with 2death and 9 recovery cases with several people on the watch list.

Thailand on the other hand is worse hit to Nigeria as it records 1,651 cases and 10 deaths. Organization and establishments have resulted in work from home. Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission revealed that the government is set to give free data to the citizens. This will enable them to stay at home and work.

Citizens who want the free data are to signup for the free data service and it will commence from April 10 as agreed by the commission and Advance Info Service Plc. This is the leading telecommunication organization in Thailand
Schools use remote learning amid the coronavirus outbreak. Secretary-General Commission, Takorn Tantasith said that 10GB data will be given to her citizens to work with.

Chief Consumer Business Officer Advanced Info Service Pcl, Pratthana Leelapanang said the company witnessed 10 percent growth. The growth was recorded in broadband volume and data. Video conferencing also grew over ten times due to remote learning adopted by schools as it has closed down.

The sweet melody is the same as other operators in Thailand, True Corporation Plc that also witnessed 52 percent increase broadband usage. However, the company earlier recorded an 18.4 percent boost in her data usage last month.

The mobile operators have refused to speak or comment on the stand of the commission but never denied the free data program.

The spokesperson of the commission said its establishment will compensate both operators adequately. It is done in good faith and to make the lockdown comfortable for all her citizens since.


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