Home Latest Enconmium as Hon. Ayodeji Joseph marks another 365days

Enconmium as Hon. Ayodeji Joseph marks another 365days

Enconmium as Hon. Ayodeji Joseph marks another 365days

Happy Birthday, Hon. Ayodeji Joseph!

Beyond Apapa precinct, Hon. Ayodeji Joseph is known as a Leviathan that comports himself meekly;

Not just politics and religion, he’s loved for his humanist approach to circumstances;

He doesn’t just go about doing the talking and expect what is not inspected;

He courts smartness, sageness and pertinaciousness to remain decades ahead of other milords;

I look no further in search of a mentor and inspirer because in him are all attributes of greatness in freshets

Searching for a fixable solution to the rots in our community? walk closer to his lights!

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Hon. Ayodeji Joseph Sir

We are more than happy to have known and share roundtables with this rare gem;

I am grateful to God for the shot to grow and blossom under Hon. Ayodeji Joseph’s tutelage;

On this occasion of the celebration of his birthday, I wish him an immediate future brighter than past;

I, on behalf of other like-minds, wish him many more fruitful years in the service to humanity.

Happy birthday to Hon. Ayodeji Joseph! May God bless this new age and posterior ones.


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