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Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding part

Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding part

Our paths that broke us apart is a true-life story of two love birds who go separate ways due to religious differences.

While I savour my first night with Olaitan, I thought of sleeping and waking up to see her by my side all the days of my life kept running through my head all day. I was extraordinary happy that day. Usually, I spent the whole day in school since I won the Student’s Union Election because the executives get to meet frequently to plan for the next session when the administration will be in full force.

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I called my love severally even before she gets home. I chat her at intervals until she told me she is home. While she was in Osogbo we chat most times of the day and talk all through the night.

I asked Olaitan if we can still meet that same night but she was so tired too having travelled a long way. The following day, we met at Bibire (the school restaurant) around 4:15pm just to chill out.

We got talking and she asked the question again. “Okanlawo, my trip was for two days but I had to stay back so that you can have time for your girlfriend”, she said.

I was shocked because I never remembered having any other person aside from my Biola who left me four years ago for a richer guy.  “I do not have any other girl except you Olaitan. You have asked me this before and I told you I do not have anyone”, I replied.  This time around she looks at me with a bigger surprise and she requested I let her say her confession.

Sex and cheating

“I have another guy, his name is Femi, though I really love him but he has been maltreating me all along”, she said.

I told her I do not mind and with time if she sees that I am a better person then she can choose who to spend her life with. She narrated how she met him during her secondary school days when she got pregnant and how Femi helped her in getting rid of the pregnancy.

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She also made known that she had also gotten pregnant for Femi before they both agreed to abort it. We spoke at length and it was getting late for us to go home. She said she will love to spend the night in her place when I insisted she come with me.

She was to attend an event the following morning and I obliged. After the party the following day, she called me that she will be coming to my place and I said it was ok. This time around, she came earlier and she was more relaxed and cool with me. I tried to kiss her and this time around she gladly accepted the kiss and kissed back passionately. We kissed for over 10min and caressing each other’s body. I tried to move farther and she led me on.

She was stroking my dick through my jeans trousers while I find my way to her back and I unbuckled her bra. I squeezed are boots passionately while we kissed.


Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding part

I helped her to unzip my jeans and do away with my belt while we kissed. My jeans fell while my hands find its way to her breast as I pressed gently and this time her bra is still on her shoulder but I could put my hands in the bra and feel because the buckles had been loosened.

She started to pull out my swollen rod through the frontal hole of my boxers and start to lick it like a lollipop. I was in heaven. She licks all the way down its shaft to the balls and sucked on them for a while. Then she took them out and put the prick in her mouth to suck.

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Her head went up and down as her mouth sucks down the prick. My dick is long so she had a problem taking it all the way in her mouth and back out again. After a few minutes, she stopped and laid on her back. “I been wet all day thinking about you and me together in my bed,” she said. “I wanted you on our first night, but you never pushed harder”.

Passionate kiss

“I had to stop because you kept saying no when I pushed further and I believe your no is known”, I said. I like being forced, she said. But I do not believe in that, since you say no. I will stop. She left me at the corner of my room and moves to the bed. She let her bra down and pull off her shirt while she still has her trouser on. While she moves to the other side of the room, she dropped her shirt on the floor.

“The way you kissed me that night, I knew then you loved me and wanted me. So come and get it,” She said and gave a sexy smile. I moved towards her and begin to kiss again and lick her legs. I went all the way to the crotch where her pussy was hot and wet. I kissed the outer lips gently which her response was a loud moan. I used my fingers to pry her pussy open for my tongue to enter. I licked the insides until I found her clits.

As I licked and sucked on it, She moaned, groaned, screamed, and yelled at me to eat her. She bucked up and down like a wild horse as I went downtown on her. Olaitan started to have an orgasm right then and there. A flood of juice flowed from her pussy drowning my face.

Sucking olaitan pussy


Then I stopped to let her savour it. She got up and pulled my underwear off me and said, “Make love to me now!!!” I was waiting for those very words. She got on top of my dick and begin to hop up and down. I and Olaitan both let out a moan as she moved her hips up and down. Her pussy squeeze my cock as it moved in and out. I never felt so good in my life. This was like a fantasy come true.

I  making love to my kind of woman and who I had wanted since we met. It was a dream come true, and I had to do everything I can to make it last. She wasn’t going to make it easy. She stopped hopping and started grinding her hips to feel my long big cock.

All the time she was saying Oh God, Oh Fuck, On God, Oh Shit. We change to the doggy style position. I bucked back and forth slow and soft, but with urging from Olaitan, went fast and hard. With all this happening, Olaitan came a second time.

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She started to shake, shiver, stutter as she talked when she orgasmed. This scene of her orgasm made me start to cum. I shot a wad of sperm in her alike a cannon as well as a second and a third. When it was all over, we laid next to each other for a while exhausted. Finally, Olaitan asked, ” Okanlawon do you really love me?” I kissed her passionately then responded in positive”.

Since I have eaten before our marathon and my love is not the foodie type. We made love all night and that was how our love story began.

She kept travelling to see Femi whenever he wanted her to but she will always carry me along in the whole trip and how it all went with him. They will have several fights and sometimes she comes back with a scar and I will console and take care of my Olaitan.


I loved her so dearly and still as I put my pen on paper. We will spend several nights together and because she stays in the company of her friends, she spends a lot of night with me and we will make love all through the night before going to school the following day.

Our relationship began to grow so strong that a lot of people began to notice it. Olaitan according to my finds had multiple relationships and sometimes sends nude pictures to married men on her contacts.

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My friend Oloye told me a lot about her with convincing evidence, even while we were dating. I kept deaf hears because I loved her so dearly and I managed all the secrets I had with so much maturity.

Deep within me, I believed I will change her from those acts and get her all to myself most especially from Femi who I see as the only stumbling block.

I kept Olaitan as close as I can and I do not let what I knew about her changed my feelings for her. Sometimes for weekends, she will leave school and travel to her boyfriend’s place. I kept coping because I knew I will definitely get her all to myself. We were at the stage of getting seriously deeper when she pulls the brake again.

Each time I discuss a long term plan with her she will take it too seriously. One day we had issues with her ways and I angrily left my room for her at about 7pm when she told me to get myself another girl that she will not be able to go so far with me because of our religious background.

Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding part

I felt so bad that I had to go back to the school that night and since our school has hostels on campus, I sat at the love garden area of the school alone with my thought. I brood for almost 2hrs and because my gate will be locked at 9pm; I put myself together and take the next available bus back home.

I met my love (Olaitan) at a corner of the room, she could not stay indoor alone comfortably again. She had cried her eyes out too. See her, I felt so sad because I knew she was because I left the house unannounced. I felt guilty seeing her in that position as she never noticed my arrival as she was brooding. I called her twice for her to could come back to life.

I felt so guilty seeing her in that position. I forgot why I left the home in the first place and I moved closer to her and tried to gear her up. She stood up and ran towards me and we hugged passionately. Okanlawon please do not leave me again, she said. I told her I will not. Then asked her to reconsider her stand but she said time will tell.

We started kissing making out I went along with it, she was in her leggings and had on my jacket. She was making her way down with her hand and rubbed my crotch and started getting me hard

I grabbed her and picked her up,  put her on me we continued making out I moved my hands grabbing her butt and then she put my hands on her boobs they were nice portable sets of boobs size as usual. She tells me sorry for wanting to blow me off.  I told her Olaitan I love you I know I’m a Muslim but I got a lot of love for you but if u were mine I’d take care of you and treat you right.

She kissed me and It was 10pm she got off and I sat there on the bed she started pulling my pant trousers down and said enjoy this she started giving me head it was amazing she knew how to give it, her tongue I was hitting my wax pen high she made me cum I cummed in her mouth she swallowed it.

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We kissed I laid her down and kissed her all over I took off her leggings she had a nice black thong on I pulled them to the side and started eating her out she pressed my head down saying yes right there baby that’s the spot I put my fingers in her pussy she was shaved and she said fuck me u deserve it

I was about 10 inches she put it in and I was fucking her in and out she held me tight in her hands me in her hands.  I had her in different positions as if it was my first time fucking because Olaitan is my first ever and the only girl in the institution I love dearly and still do. I planned to keep for real.

I fucked her for a while she got on top and said enjoy this daddy I was looking up at her enjoying it. It was beautiful I put her on her chest again and fucked her again. She came all over my dick. It was nice I pulled out and then cum on her small round sweet ass, we enjoyed it all the way.

We cleaned up and lay on my king size bed to catch some breath. We talked all about us and how we will make things work out. The following morning she left for her place while I slept almost all day because we had marathon sex all night as we will talk and have sex at intervals.

She called me later in the day that her parent will never cave into her getting married to a Muslim. He father is a pastor while her mother is a deaconess. This is our paths that broke us apart. This was how we began to keep distance but anytime we spot each other we do all we can to make love.

Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding part

After some months a met another girl Rasheedat, this time a Muslim and there is also this Kareemat friend of my that we did our ND together in Mapoly in 2007 – 2009 that I am crushing on.  I showed Olaitan both pictures of the girls and she said she would prefer Rasheedat who is fair and taller; meanwhile, Kareemat shares all feature with Olaitan except for her skin colour which is darker than hers.
Erotic 18+: Our Paths that broke us apart; the concluding partThe first time Rasheedat will come to my place was when Olaitan was not in school and I told her how it all went.  Myself and Olaitan keep our relationship intact until Rasheedat comes in and that was how I began to distance myself from Olaitan. For me, it was not what I desire but because I was getting old and she had also made her points clear, I got no choice than to plan my life.

I got married to Rasheedat two years after myself and Olaitan left the school.
Till date, I still keep my Olaitan close and we chat and talk all time. We still keep each other’s secrets as deep within we are close except for our paths that broke us apart.



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