Home News (FULL STORY + VIDEO) Kidnappers’ den found in Lagos

(FULL STORY + VIDEO) Kidnappers’ den found in Lagos


A ritual den has been discovered in Obadeyi area,  Agbado-Ijaiye in Lagos on Tuesday 8th August 2017 by members of the public. Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani has condemned the jungle justice melted on suspects.
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By: Yekinni Adeyemi

According to an eyewitness who never wants his name in the press said he heard one of the street sweepers calling for help at the early hours of the day and when people checked the drainage where the sweeper said to have heard a strange voice,  two guys were found and apprehended.

Olatunde Olajuwon who is an eyewitness said, “we just detected this ritualist den but we have not seen anything like a human part from the canal yet”.

Picture of two suspects who were set ablaze.

Another eyewitness who never wants his name in the press told GOVTOROS about a suspect who had earlier been interrogated but was later set ablaze by the mob said the suspect name is Abdul Ramon and he was said to have come from Osun state. “Ramon categorically said he will rather die than to dish out information about the den,  other members, their mode of operations and other details in connection with the gory occurrence”, he said.

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“It is just a pity we cannot know the facts now because as  I was telling them to leave him (the suspect) for interrogation but the mob refused and beat up people that tried to stop them from melting jungle justice’’, he said.

“Soldier has gone inside the canal but could not see anybody in the canal and nothing has happened to the solder, he concluded.

The Chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area, Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani (H.I.D) who came to the scene told newsmen that, he has come to ensure peaceful conduct, address the people and see the true situation of things based on information at his disposal.

Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani said I want the people to remain calm and not for any reason take laws into their hands as security operative is on ground”. He further frowned at jungle justice and urge hoodlums who are vandalizing properties close to the den to desist from such and allow the police and other security operatives to get to the root of the gory occurrence.


Kayode Oladapo, one of the security officer and from Rapid Response Squad while speaking to GOVTOROS said,” the only person that can help security personnel to unravel all angles of the happening has been set ablaze but we can still wait because some of our officers are still coming, he concluded.


Sesan Muyeeden who is a victim of vandalization cried bitterly on the act of the hoodlums. He said, “the hoodlums broke into my house, stole my properties and used the opportunity to rob–off other building close to the den.



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