Home Sports Gianni Infantino shuts soccer for live, postpone all matches

Gianni Infantino shuts soccer for live, postpone all matches

Gianni Infantino shuts soccer for live, postpone all matches

Gianni Infantino, FIFA President said the football business is not more important than human life. “No match is worth risking a single human life for”, he said.

Gianni Infantino said this on Friday to the whole world. This is a result of the pandemic and another way to ensure the safety of all the key players. FIFA President wants the fans and people in the soccer business to know that playing games at this time is very dangerous.

It is no longer news that coronavirus has taken over many countries of the world while some are struggling to in managing the pandemic.

Gianni Infantino seeking on a video chat said the German Bundesliga reportedly could restart behind closed doors in May, with players already back in training, while other leagues could also resume in the summer.

“Our first priority, our principle, the one we will use for our competitions and encourage everyone to follow is that health comes first,” he said in a video message.

“I cannot stress this enough. No match, no competition, no league is worth risking a single human life.”

Though quite a number of top international competitions and football leagues have been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. Last week all FIFA matches were postponed.

Gianni Infantino further said national football associations struggling to meet up with demands or struggling with finance will get support from FIFA.

On FIFA’s finance; he said, “the federation is buoyant and the money in the reserve of FIFA belongs to football.  It will be used to support football”.

“We are today in a very strong financial situation. Our reserves are not FIFA’s money. It is football’s money. So when football is in need, we must think what we can do to help. It is our responsibility and our duty”, he said.


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