Home Latest Heavy Rainfall: Nearly 330,000 affected, 65 dead

Heavy Rainfall: Nearly 330,000 affected, 65 dead

Heavy Rainfall: Nearly 330,000 affected, 65 dead

As of September 7 nearly 330, 000 people have been affected by the three months heavy rainfall living 65 people dead in Niger State, Nigeria while also several areas of the capital Niamey remain underwater.

The government through the ministry of humanitarian action and disaster management said on Tuesday that as of September 7, 51 people had died when their home collapsed in the floods, and 14 had drowned.

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Naimey has been greatly affected as the severe rain caused the Niger River to breach its banks thereby flooding the area of the state and not less than 10 persons have lost their lives in this area.

The worst-affected regions are Maradi in the central south of the country, Tahoua and Tillaberi in the west, and Dosso in the southwest. Niger is said to be one of the world’s driest countries and frequently suffers from spells of drought. It also experiences months-long rainy seasons that have in recent years become more severe, consistent with forecasts about climate change.

In what is looking like recurrent decimal in the country, the 2019 rainfall and flooding claimed 57 lives and affected 226,000 people nationwide.



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