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Hon. Toba Oke at 60, Deacon Omole celebrates with him, dedicates a piece




The childhood of a man brings joy like a sumptuous meal. The resolve to live a meaningful lives start from the secondary school days spanning through the tertiary institutions.

The beckon of hope decorated a great destiny in the life of the man of the moment. The acclamitisation in the realm of leadership is not just a gainsaying  but the determination to serve humanity which is embedded in Toba Oke.

When we woke up in the morning we looked up to weather,this is a sign of stream to relive what a man become.
The Agege-born–Lagos man liberally disposed to intellectualism in a mien in characterisation.

The touch of the average height man rekindled a remarkable hope to humanity in the walk to talk the resemblance of the forefathers. Politics of progressivism which can never be douse in him is always in the forefront. The 1979 is which is in the blood refused to let go in admiration.

In celebration of sixty years on planet earth the glory of the sun in his destiny rekindled hope in man to man epicentre.
Your 60th Birthday is an important and treasured milestone of life.

It is the time to look back at beautiful and ugly memories that have flown by.
Life without a storm is a life not worth living but an overcomer laugh best even at this age, you are full of elegance, teeming with inner beauty, that has permanence.

Happy Birthday Friend!.

Dont ever be scared of age,as its just numeric. Your life has just begun to be amazing and fantastic. Dont ever be sceptical of how the future will be.
It is going to be awesome,after all, you are just sixty.

Our Bible tell us that the beginning may be small but your latter end will be greater in Jesus Name.
It is time to see a new dream.

It is time to think up a new fantasy
It is time to conjure a new thought              It is time to wish a new fancy.
The fact remains that life doesn’t end at this age but commenced another stage at sixty.

May you live a life to the fullest, that is, what I wish you wholeheartedly                HAPPY BIRTHDAY at 3 Scores.
The husband of Prophetess Modupe Oke, i wish you long life. The father of glorious family we say Thank you Jesus.

This day of 30th April in every year of your life will always be remarkable as from this age of 60, 6 decades,3 scores and 720 months.
What we need do now is to begin to clap with our two hands for the celebrant; Apostle (Dr.) Hon.Oloruntoba Adetunji Oke.

Thank you Gentlemen and Ladies.

Poem Written and Delivered by Deacon Banjo Omole,

All Progressives Congress(APC),




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