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Hope Alive 2019: Olotu for assembly – Baba Ile-Ogbo

Hope-Alive-2019- Olotu-for-assembly–Baba-Ile-Ogbo

Light is visibly visible at the end of the tunnel for the people of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area as the 2019 elections gets closer. Usually, aspirants dishes out manifestos which may later be  implemented if they get to office but Hon. Emmanuel Olotu, aspirants for Lagos State House of Assembly  in Ifako-Ijaiye 02 constituency gave out scholarships to members of the constituents to university level during his campaign tour instead of promises as usual.

Speaking at Ile-Ogbo during his campaign visit to the Apex Leader of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ojokoro, Alhaji. Adelaja Muhammed (Baba Ile-Ogbo), he said the reason why people do politics is to enjoy the goodies of governance and not for cups of rice but quality standard of living among others as the people will be empowered if he clinches the LAHA ticket.

“I am not contesting to amass wealth because all that will be coming to me from Alausa as a member of the assembly if elected is not mine but for the people and I will bring it all to this house for us all to share because I am representing the people and not myself”,  Olotu said.

“You must not take whatever belongs to the masses for self gains because life is vanity and those that buys properties with such eventually sells them to make a living later in life and I will never do such. It belongs to the people and the people must enjoy it”, Olotu concluded.

The Apex Leader of Ojokoro LCDA, Alhaji. Adelaja Mohammed on the other hand affirmed the statements of aspirant with a testimony of how he brought all given him as a councilor which was shared among the people as that is the way he does his things.

“Olotu has done a lot for people and I believed him because I have seen several things myself. Olotu is a man of his word and his words is his bond, once he says it; he does it”, Baba Ile-Ogbo affirms.

“He is generous, very accommodative, hospitable, philanthropist , he is a kind hearted person and serious minded complete gentleman.  When people talked about his hands of friendship I just smiled and that is because Olotu is our Emmanuel is Ifako-Ijaiye 02”, Alhaji. Adelaja concluded.


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