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I will revenge: Sunday Igboho speaks after his house got burnt


Sunday Adeyemo a Yoruba activist popularly known has Sunday Igboho has said that he would revenge the calamity that befalls his house at Soka area of Ibadan.

Govtoros Lutjadpadier reported that Sunday Igboho’s house was razed and the cause of the fire is yet to be known.

In several tweet from Igboho Osha as fondly called, he said his house was razed at around 1am on Tuesday.


Sunday Igboho tweeted over his house that was razed by fire

“This happened at about 1am today. They thought I was still in the house. Laugh”, he said.

Noting that the evil perpetrators came for him thinking that he is in the house.

“They came for me”, Sunday Igboho tweeted while he was announcing his burnt house which was also reported by another popular blog.

He further told all his well wishes and fans to keep calm as he is safe where he is. He also sent a message to those coming after him that they can get him killed and he will come after them all within 48hr.

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” I am safe and and sound my people. You can’t kill a breeze”, he said.

Sunday Igboho further made known that those behind the attack will be revealed and would all develop psychological sickness. However, the modalities he will use in bringing the perpetrators to book was not revealed.

“In 48hours the attacker would be revealed and would run Mad.I have spoken”, he said.


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