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Inside Lagos: Dr. Mojeed Alabi’s open letter to Nigerians for 60th Independence celebration

Inside Lagos: Dr. Mojeed Alabi's open letter to Nigerians for 60th Independence celebration
Dr. Mojeed Alabi

The Executive Chairman of Ikeja Local Government, Dr. Mojeed Alabi Balogun, Ph.D, FPA, MNSE has written an open letter to Nigerians to commemorate the nation’s 2020 independence day celebration.

His letter reads:


Dear Nigerians,

Today, I congratulate each and every citizen who are indeed Nigerians home and abroad, most especially the Great people of Ikeja land on the occasion of today’s symbolic celebration which marks Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary. On this day, we celebrate the freedom given to us 60 years ago by our colonial masters in order for us to be socially, economically and politically independent of colonial rule, govern ourselves and shape the course of governance and democratic principles in our own way.

It is important to let you know that the freedom we enjoy today is as a result of the efforts, struggles and fighting spirit of our forefathers who are heroes past so many decades ago. Therefore, this is not something we must take for granted. A lot of people laid their lives to make this country better. We should respect and not do anything that will drag the name of the country into the mud. It is our collective responsibility to make this country than the previous years.

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I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate all residents of Ikeja LGA for the trust bestowed on me to lead and direct the affairs of governance in our Local Government Area. The journey so far would not have been made possible without the inputs and efforts of everyone directly and indirectly towards the administration of grassroots governance in Ikeja LGA. Our development programmes and agenda in education, health, physical infrastructural development, and environment have resulted in great impact in the socio-economic lives and conditions of all residents and citizens of Ikeja. This is evident in our annual economic empowerment programmes for women and youths in our local government area.

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We must continue to live in peace and harmony with our fellow brothers and sisters and shun every form of violence. Existence of peaceful relationships and dealings among us is vital to our independence in that any Nation that experiences chaos, crisis and war find it difficult to move forward to enjoy the greater good of democratic advancement. Therefore we must shun violence in our respective quarters. On this premise, on behalf of the Management team, Executive members, Legislative arm and Staff of Ikeja local government Council, I say Happy Independence Day to everyone.

Happy 60th Anniversary to Nigeria.

Long live Nigeria
Long live Lagos State
Long live Ikeja Local Government.

Dr. Mojeed Alabi Balogun, Ph.D, FPA, MNSE
Executive Chairman
Ikeja Local Government


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