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Lagos LG Polls: Olabinjo sues for reconciliation among party members ahead July 24


Hon. Benjamin Adeyemi Olabinjo (BAO), the erstwhile two-term council chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development and former cabinet member of the Lagos State government has called for peace and reconciliation among the All Progressive Congress (APC) members who contested at the just concluded party primaries for the forthcoming local government election to mend all fences and broken walls.

BAO made this comment due to his observation during the primaries from the ways the supporters of aspirants handle the quest and several comments flying around; especially the choice of words used even after the validation exercise for the party candidates by the Lagos State Independence Electoral Commission(LASIEC).

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While suing for peace he enjoins all party members and aspirants supporters to speak in one voice to win the general election.

“In as much as you have very good intention to promote our candidate please let’s be cautious of our choice of words. So many underground works are being done to ensure all candidates, aspirants and party members work for the party’s success and we are putting too much effort into this”.

“Reconciliation is key now and whatever we post now can mal or make the process. We now have candidates of the party and nobody can work in isolation or do it alone. We need all our members for the growth of our party and we need ourselves to work together because I am sure we all love our party, APC”.

He further urged the leadership of the party at the council level to swiftly swing into quicker actions to ensure rapid reconciliation.


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