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Legislator rescue fatal accident victims, pays medical bills, gives relatives succor

The Vehicle that ran into shops in Ojokoro LCDA



True and effective representation of people and  protection of citizens should not only be in the hallow chambers but must be felt directly by the citizens, residents and immigrants of the nation. This was fully showcased by Hon. Abdulazziz Osho, The Leader of the Legislative Arm of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area on Wednesday 6th December, 2017 when a fatal accident occurred involving a vehicle, motorcycle and business operatives in Clem area of the LCDA.


Hon. Osho catered for all medical bills, exchanged contacts with  victim’s relative  and also gave out some cash to augment  further bills.


An eye witness, Yinka Amao  reported  the accident to the council and the Leader of the Legislative Arm of the council, Hon. Abdulazziz Osho and Hon. Adeniji Segun swung to action by visiting the site with the council’s ambulance to rescue the victims.


A wine color car with registration number KJA635 CZ ran into shops on Clem Road where members of the community were doing their various businesses and severely injured four people.

The Vehicle that ran into shops in Ojokoro LCDA


Hon. Segun Adeniji councilor representing Ward A appealed to angry mobs  at the scene to ensure peace and safety as the government is  on ground to do the needful and also promised them that,  adequate measures will be put in place to avert the death of any of the victims.


The Leader, Hon. Abdulazziz Osho told GOVTOROS that, two of the victim  were rushed to Bolutife Nursing Home for first aid treatment and another at Ahmadiyya Specialist Hospital as at the time they got to the scene but there is a particular guy whose case is indescribable and that was why he had put a call to the Executive Chairman of the council, Hon. Hammed Idowu D. Tijani (HID) who instructed  the victims be taken to General Hospital Ifako-Ijaiye with the council’s ambulance immediately for further treatment.


The victim being attended to by staffs of General Hospital Ifako and Bolutife Nursing Home, Hon. Osho and sympathizer


Dr. Oresanya who attended to the mostly injured victim (Kayode) at Accident and Emergency Ward again in Ifako-Ijaye after the first treatment from the previous hospital further treated the victim, put him in a more stable state and immediately referred him to Ayinke House as a result of head injuries sustained during the accident.


However, Hon. Osho catered for all bills at Ifako-Ijaiye General Hospital, exchanged contacts with one of   the relative of the victim and also gave her some cash to augment the victim’s further bills.


The Leader of the Legislative Arm of Ojokoro LCDA Hon. Abdulazziz Osho


“I want to appeal to all road users to drive with care and ensure that their vehicles  are in the right state before hitting the roads at all time because as I speak to you now, the cause of that fatal accident is yet to be known. I pray that God heal all the victims and protects our people from danger”, Osho concluded.



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