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Local Govt. Boss kicks at indiscriminate dumping of refuse, clamps on defaulters

Mushin warns against indiscriminate dumping of refuse in drainage, clamps on defaulters

As the year 2020 raining season continues, rain falls heavily and residents experience flooding due to indiscriminate dumping of refuse on roads, drainages, gutters, etc and blockage of the drains. This act causes havoc to the community leading to damage of properties and hinders socio-economic activities.

Hon. Emmanuel Bamigboye, Executive Chairman, Mushin Local Government, briefed speaking to the press during the week on the position of the local government towards waste management, flooding and measures taken to address the menace.

“We have been passionately campaigning to residents to desist from dumping refuse into gutters and to regularly clear their drainages for easy flow of wastewater”, he said.

Many streets’ drainages were distilled before the raining season of this year such as Palm Avenue, Ladipo Road, Olanibi streets, etc.

The Mayor of Mushin further said that presently distillation of drainages is ongoing at LUTH road, Itire road, noting that more streets drainages will be addressed as the raining season continues because the government is not keeping silent over it.

Hon. Bamigboye advised residents to collect and gather their refuse in a container then place it at a designated location for easy pick up by LAWMA/PSP to cart away.

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He continued as he urged people to desist from dumping refuse into gutters and begin monthly environmental sanitaion on the  last Saturdays. Though there will be no restriction on movement. “This measure will help to desilt drainages, keep the environment clean and ensure wastes generated were easily picked by LAWMA/PSP operators for onward disposal at the dumpster. As a result, there will be a reduction in flooding and its effect on the community”.

“There are jingles, campaigns, talks on radio and television towards informing the public to desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the community or be penalized”.

While speaking on modalities to ensure this measures are strictly adhere to, he also told the newsmen about the council involving the stakeholders of the council in line with the said plans.

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“We held stakeholders meeting with CDAs, traditional rulers, market and religious leaders, to seek their maximum cooperation in the fight against indiscriminate disposal of wastes. We need to collectively work together to avoid the carefree attitude of residents wrecking havocs such as flooding due to indiscriminate dumping of refuse on roads and in drainages”.


While appealing to all and sundary to ensure the new regulations are adhere to, he also noted that defaulters will face the music as the council is keen to making sure the environment is clean and safe for all.

“Culprits will be charged to court to serve as a deterrent to others who want to continue in such attitude of dumping wastes in drainages and on the road. Environmental officers will also monitor the community and enforce environmental bye-laws enacted by the legislators”, he said.

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Lagos state has laws that people should not dump refuse or wastes on the floor or in the drainages.

“It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure the environment is clean, defaulters will be charged to court and will do community service or pay fine as stipulated by the bye-laws”,  the Chairman concluded.




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