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Magodo Land Dispute – Sanwoolu meets stakeholders, highlights resolutions


The Executive Governor of Lagos State,  Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu has highlighted six points after meeting stakeholders in reference to the land dispute in Magodo.

This is in a bid to find a lasting solution to the crisis that has almost turned that eyebrow part of Lagos into disarray as residents now lives in panic resulting from the land dispute.

The Governor, however, took to his Facebook post and gives six resolutions having met with stakeholders involved which also includes a note of warning to the Nigerian police never to take a side in the dispute but just to ensure peace and safety in the state, Magodo and it environs.

The Facebook post reads:

Today, in the pursuit of an amicable resolution to the outstanding matter of the Magodo land dispute, I chaired a meeting with the Judgment Creditors (Shangisha Landlords’ Association), their lawyers, Commissioner of Police Lagos State Command, Policemen from the F.C.T Command and Police Headquarters, the Executive and Trustees of the Magodo Residents’ Association and senior Government Officials on the enforcement of Judgment of the Supreme Court delivered on the 10th of February 2012.

The meeting deliberated and agreed upon the following resolutions as follows:

1. That the Committee set up by the State Government to resolve the Magodo dispute, chaired by the Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, is to meet with the Judgment Creditors (Shangisha Landlords’ Association) on Friday 7th of January 2022.

2. The Surveyor- General of Lagos State, Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau and Hon. Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development are to immediately identify available plots of land within the Shangisha village scheme.

3. The Committee is also to identify how the available plots of land are to be accessed and if any infrastructural development is necessary to access the land.

4. Upon identification of available and accessible land, the State Government is to immediately allocate the land to the 549 Judgment Creditors.

5. If there is no available and accessible land within the Shangisha village scheme to allocate to all the 549 Judgment Creditors, the State Government, in agreement with the Judgment Creditors, will provide alternative plots of land.

6. Whilst this exercise is ongoing, the Nigeria Police are to restrain themselves from any conduct or action that may instigate violence or breakdown of law and order in Magodo. They should be keepers of peace and act within the confines of the law – always.

All the parties agreed to an amicable resolution of the matter and I thanked everyone for attending and restated our resolve to ensure that peace returns to Magodo and that there is justice for all.

I am convinced that with the step we have taken this lingering problem will be permanently solved and justice would have been done to all parties.


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