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My Diary: A visit to the police station

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Nigerian Police Force is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order. Over the years the police had been seen doing this but for some years down the line; the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has been a shadow.

NPF general overview by the citizen is negative. Nigerians do not believe in the police anymore as a result of the bad eggs among them. The activities of members of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) is a testimony of fact; a case study of Kaka the Remo football star, Tiyamiyu Kazeem.

Late. Tiyamiyu Kazeem
Late. Tiyamiyu Kazeem

Kaka was a Remo football star who was recently killed by the bad eggs in SARS some weeks back in Ogun state.
Alas, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. My experience when I visited Alakuko Police Station in Ojokoro Local Council Development Area (LCDA) on Wednesday, April 1 2020.

Though before now, I knew that we have a couple of fine police officers and what I saw in the of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Alakuko Police Station, SP Maryam Sonubi is apt, on point and top-notch.

SP, Maryam Sonubi is a very discipline officer and a very good one at that. What got my attention were a couple of vehicles of defiant Nigerians who defile the space of stay-at-home law of Lagos State and the Federal Government that says stay-at-home no one moves but one can only leave his or her abode only for essential services.

food market
Food Market

Me leaving my home falls on essential service categories too because I am a journalist and I owe the society the duty to inform them and give facts that will be of benefit to them all especially during this pandemic. I was on tour to see the level of compliance of our people in Ojokoro Local Council Development and this took me to Alakuko police station where I met SP, Maryam Sonubi.

At the Alakuko police station on Wednesday, I saw vehicles of Nigerians who defile the Stay-at-home law arrested and packed inside and outside the station. One of the vehicles got my attention because it looks like a friend’s car.
I commented, is this not Eldorado’s car? It was a rhetorical question but I got a response from SP, Maryam Sonubi which was a sharp response which means do not go there.

SP, Sonubi Maryam

Among the vehicles detained by SP, Maryam Sonubi is one belonging to a police officer of another station coming from duties. Why he was delayed is what I never knew. I heard her say, “I told you I will delay you for 3hr and you have 27min left”. This is her conversation with the police officer when he kept beginning.

I found out that SP, Maryam Sonubi is a very disciplined police officer when she received a call from her brother who was arrested for moving out of the stay-at-home order.
I heard her asking the caller if truly he was going to buy gas and if he has a cylinder in his car. She requested to speak with the officer who arrested her brother.

Her conversation goes thus, “Hello, this is DPO ***(her unique number), that man is my brother. He stays around that area. Check his car if he has a cylinder in his car. If he does; let him go and buy his gas and he will come back and show you. If he did not, do not release him. Thank you”, she ended the call.

I was expecting her to do the regular “Oga to Pikin” order but instead, she put the laws of the land above blood relations. I am impressed.
This shows she can be trusted with responsibilities and others.

This singular act is very rear in humans when it comes to justice and fairness. SP, Maryam Sonubi is a true representation of what all the police officers in a sane society should look like.

I have another bigger thing that caught my attention aside from her kind of person and that is a project she is presently handling. I think I have to talk about that some other time.

My name is Yekinni Razaq, welcome to my diary.


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