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MY STAND ON #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality -Muyiwa Fajimi


Firstly, I want to applaud the courage of every Nigerian youth that has been pushing for positive change in our country. By the special grace of God, we shall not labour in vain.

Fellow Nigerians, sincerely, it was so annoying that at this time of righteous anger, in the face of so much protests and public outcry to #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutality, the Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Adamu announced the disbandment of #SARS across the country on Sunday 11th October 2020, and within 24hours, the same #SARS was replaced with #SWAT without any proactive and transparent policies to manage impending crises in the country.

Unfortunately, the same untrained and unethical Police officers called #SARS are going to be redeployed and find their ways to join #SWAT, after which, their usual harassment and brutality on innocent Nigerians will continue.

It is so sad that an average Nigerian youth cannot freely dress-well and look good without the fear of getting tortured or brutalized by the men of the so-called #SARS lawlessly.

Honestly, things are not done this way in other countries. Apart from the fact that the replacement of #SARS with #SWAT came at the wrong time, why bringing #SWAT when the top hierarchies of the government and security agencies have not accepted responsibilities and tender genuine apologies to all Nigerians over several evidential damages that #SARS has caused?

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One may also wish to know or ask if the whole essence of creating #SARS or #SWAT is all because of cybercrime and yahoo boys because, the primary duty of the men of #SARS has always been to run after every well-looking young man and yahoo boys ever since I have known them.

Though I do not support frauding or crime deal at any level, but what we all need to know is that; Online fraud is committed online, and the best way to fight or combatit is to create a dedicated ICT unit and a team of computer experts in the Nigerian Police to take care of that, while the theoretically disbanded #SARS be redeployed to combat with Bandits, Kidnappers, Bokoharam, Fulani Herdsmen, Terrorists, etc in our society. This will be far better than allowing #SARS or #SWAT to continuing extorting, harassing and killing our young men all in the name of laptops, iPhones, good cars, tinted hairs, tattoos, etc. As a matter of fact, everyone has a right to how he or she wishes to dress or look. It is our constitutional right.

Going forward, I want to encourage all young Nigerians at a level where I also belong not to give up. Let us not get distracted with some prices we are paying now. Let us not relent because of some injuries that are being recorded for this worthy protest to #EndSARS and #EndPoliceBrutality. The success of this worthy protest should rather be our priority, and I believe that our efforts and sacrifices will never be in vain.

Until when our voices are heard to #EndSARS, #EndSWAT and #EndPoliceBrutality, until when proper apologies are tendered to all of us by our President and other top security hierarchies in the country until they acknowledge that Nigerian Police is bad and put the proactive and transparent measure in place for better reform until they admit that #SARS has truly and baselessly cut the lives of many young men and women short until they are ready to convince Nigerians with reasonable policies and carry all youth leaders and stakeholders along to contribute to the policies to reform Nigerian Police, we shall continue to peacefully protest and fight for our rights and lives, and may we all find the strength to do what is right for our country.

– I am in for a #GenuineProtest

– I am in for the protest to #EndSARS

– I am in for the protest to #EndSWAT

– I am in for the protest to #EndPoliceBurtality

– I am in for the protest to #ReformPolice

– I am in for the protest to #EndIndisciplineRegardless

Enough is enough!



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