Home Governance NDDC Probe: Dismantle IMC committee immediately – Senate

NDDC Probe: Dismantle IMC committee immediately – Senate

NDDC Probe: Dismantle IMC committee immediately - Senate

The Senate ad hoc committee set up to unravel the alleged financial recklessness by the Interim Management Committee of the Niger Delta Development Commission has recommended its dissolution as a result of several misappropriations of fund unravelled during it grill and investigations.

The committee cried out at the extra-budgetary expenditure of the IMC which it noted was affecting the people of the Niger Delta and putting the region in its present state.

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It further said that the Ministry of Niger Delta do not have the capacity to implement the forensic audit and therefore demanded that the Auditor General of the Federation supervise the forensic audit for transparency and efficiency.

The Senate Committee reacting to what was unravelled further recommended that the monitoring and advisory bodies recognised by the Act which established the NDDC, should be inaugurated immediately. Noting that the Auditor General should appoint internationally renowned audit experts to carry out the exercise.

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In another development. the Senate added that the N1.4bn spent on COVID -19 by the IMC  should be refunded to the NDDC account. The panel also recommended that the NDDC should be returned to the Presidency for direct supervision.

The senators are currently debating the report of the panel, presented by the Chairman, Senator Olubunmi Adetunmbi.




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