Home Governance Nigeria Insecurity: Only FG can engage machinery, Army HQ tells Governors

Nigeria Insecurity: Only FG can engage machinery, Army HQ tells Governors

Nigeria Insecurity: Only FG can engage machinery, Army HQ tells Governors

The Nigerian Army has said that the Federal  Government is the only determinant factor when it comes to adopting and engaging machinery to support the Defence Headquarters when it comes to the much needed against insecurity in Nigeria.

This is coming as a result of the attack on over 43 rice farmers in Zabarmari, Borno State by Boko Haram sects on over the weekend. In the same vein, Governor Babagana Zulum has demanded that machinery be engaged to combat the insurgent.

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In the same vein, governors of North-East states also said the hiring mercenaries to fight Boko Haram is so important and should be given serious consideration.

However, the Coordinator of the Defence Media Operations, Maj. Gen. John Enenche said the military had nothing to do and got no business debating the proposal as they are concentrating on winning the battle and focused on victory. Noting that the security agencies available now is determined by the people.

“Request or proposal to engage mercenaries, that is at a very high level. The kind of armed forces and security agencies you have now is normally determined by the people”, Maj. Gen. Enenche said.

Speaking more on the machinery, ”It is not in our powers. It is a kind of force package; it is what the government wants. It is not for the military to begin to contend.”

“No armed forces anywhere will tell the people, ‘this is how we want to operate.’ The legislators, National Security Council, will decide on it,” he added.

In another development, the Chairman, Nigerians Governors Forum, Governor Kayode Fayemi, had earlier said that the military was overwhelmed and overstretched on Wednesday and after asking Enenche position about the statement, he said the authorities only can decide if this was true.

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“It is not for the military to say, we are overstretched; I am not overstretched. If I say, I am overstretched, that means, I don’t want to work. And if I say, I am not overstretched, that means, I am under-utilised”, the general noted.


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