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No responsible man wants a woman with multiple ear piercing


A twitter user and an influencer @Abdulhamied_AA has taken to his twitter page saying no responsible man will marry a lady with more than one ear piercing. This tweet has created several reactions on twitter as many users condemned his tweet saying it lacks wisdom.

“No reasonable man will marry a lady that has more than one ear piercing. Yes I said it”, he tweeted and attached a picture of multiple piercing with his post.

Reactions trailing his opinion shows he lacks the clout to say such as many came all out against him including the male users.

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Replying to @Abdulhamied_AA is Ayobola Olaoluwakiitan (@ayo_bolaO) who said the tweet sounds silly and objected the point on the ground.

“You have an opinion. Your opinion is valid to you no matter how silly it sounds. But speak for yourself next time. Like I have an opinion that *people that think like you should not exist to begin with* but it is still my valid opinion. Opolo eye”, she said.

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Another response from @fed_tired says @Abdulhamied_AA stand and statement is a stupid one. 
“Stupid statement considering that the average urban Nigerian woman has at least 2 piercings and its even cultural in a lot of ethnic groups. By the way, my wife has 3 in each ear and I consider myself to be very reasonable”.

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SEE THE TWEET HERE: https://t.co/jgqUobSNXA


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