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No to grazing bill in Osun



Dr. Surajudeen Basiru, the Commissioner for Justice and Osun State Attorney General has frowned  at the National Grazing Reserve (Establishment) Bill 2016 proposed by the National Assembly. It will be recalled that herdsmen had sent a lot of farmers out of their farm land as a result of clash and fisticuffs.


The bill if passed will address the persistent clashes between farmers and herdsmen nationwide as it will bring into existence of a cattle reserve in each state of the federation.


Same bill has been condemned by most Nigerian and most especially the Governor Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose. The people believed that cattle rearing are not national investment but a private owned business and it is shared wickedness to take another man’s land for another for grazing.


Dr. Surajudeen said, Osun state is waiting for the bill to be passed by the National Assembly to pass the bill before the state will file a suit to protect Osun against such. He further said that even if the senate passes the bill, the presidency will be advice properly not to append the bill.


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