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NPOWER: Solving OTP problems in minute



For days I have been reading comments and complains  but I must confess most of the complains are minor and can be solved in less than 2min.  I got my OTP instantly which could be as a result of my network provider or other technicalities involved. This is technology and one has to be patient to get desired result.


  1. If you keep dialing the OTP CODE (*347*5*88#), you will definitely get several OTPS which may not work out because it usually have a life span. It is called One Time Password. Some OTP expires within 10min and some less or more but it it is worthy to note that immediately a new OTP is generated the previous OTP expires instantly and that marks the beginning of failed OTP challenge you get.
  2. Once you stopped trying for like 40min or more (suggestion), all previously dialed codes must have submitted the OTPs they were expected to generate thereby giving you a clear board to start afresh.
  3. Make sure you delete all the previous codes you have in your email or sms so that you dont pick the  wrong code again since you are starting afresh.
  4. After dialing the code (*347*5*88#), ensure you check your email if you never get the code via sms or flash message. Also Check your spam on your email too. You may find it there.
  5. If not found, do not try it again immediately, kindly wait for some minutes before you repeat the process because some service providers may not deliver the OTPs as fast as you think when it comes to this shot codes.
  6. When dealing with tech and OTPs please be calm. If you keep dialing the code because the previous does not come immediately, you will be getting the several OTPs and it will be difficult for you to get the newest OTP that should workout perfectly.
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