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Ojokoro LCDA sensitises residents on Gastroenteritis



In its bid to curtail the spread of the current outbreak of Gastroenteritis in Lagos state and its environs,the Executive chairman of Ojokoro local council development area Hon Hammed Idowu D TIjani has urged the residents to observe high standard of Environmental sanitation and personal hygiene at all times.

The chairman, speaking through the Medical Officer of Health, Dr ( Mrs) Riyike Ogunyemi to the lcda appealed to the residents to be careful of eating contaminated foods, fruits,or drinking contaminated water as the organisms and viruses could be spread readily through those means.

Dr Ogunyemi further advised that hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and running water frequently especially after visiting restrooms, or changing of diapers, before meals, after playing outside especially for children and after coming in contact with dirt, and even sick people, as this would help to prevent the spread of disease. She also advised that water should be boiled thoroughly before drinking especially when the source is uncertain.

Gastroenteritis is an infectious disease affecting the digestive tract with symptoms such as diarrhoea (passing of frequent stool), vomiting, fever,dehydration etc. The disease can become fatal if not treated on time and appropriately.

Dr Ogunyemi advised the residents to take patient(s) with such symptoms to hospital on time and not to self medicate.

The local council development area would not relent in her efforts to further provide necessary facilities and treatment in place to curb the spread of this infectious disease as more enlightenment and sensitisation are embarked upon.

Public Affairs Unit
Ojokoro LCDA.


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