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Olabinjo (BAO) doles out third sets of tricycles to Ifako-Ijaiye / Ojokoro constituents


Hon. Benjamin Adeyemi Olabinjo (BAO) again has doled out another set of tricycles to Ojokoro and Ifako-Ijaiye constituents members. This will be the third set in a role that the former chairman of Ojokoro Local Council Development Area will be empowering members of his constituency in this light.

BAO while speaking with newsmen made it known that, it is always difficult to attain greatness if one could not get a supporter and helper who believes in one’s mission and dreams.

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He further encouraged all beneficiaries to be part of BAO Crusaders Cooperative and Multipurpose Society for them to be able to conveniently buy another tricycle in another short period.

“I do not want you to continue to be a slave of paying owners of your respective Okada, motorcycles or tricycles. That is why you all must be part of the cooperative and I will also ensure I speak to the president of the cooperative on your behalf.

Olabinjo while speaking with Baale Akeredolu the President of BAO Crusaders Cooperative and Multipurpose Society, he requested the creation of a new unit for the beneficiaries of the tricycles for them to be self-reliant in the nearest future.

Officer O, one of the beneficiaries appreciated BAO for this gesture and prayed for God’s continual blessing on him.

“Sir, I want to appreciate you for this you have done and this is a very rare empowerment coming to us from you again. This is the third time you are doing this and our people have always been beneficiaries”.

Noting that Olabinjo for not even holding a political office is still going all out for the betterment of his constituent members.

“It baffles me that you have never for once neglected us and the entire constituent. You are not in the office this time and you are still doing these big things. You are indeed God sent”.


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