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OYAN DAM RELEASE: Lagos informs residents, says no cause for alarm


Lagos State Government has alerted residents, especially those in areas contiguous to the Ogun River about the continuous steady release of water from the Oyan Dam, saying they should not panic.

In a release signed by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, he said officials of the state have been monitoring the release which was earlier announced through an advisory.

He listed areas where the release of water is being felt as Isheri North, Kara, Itowolo, Ajegunle and Majidun and Ogolonto.

He stated that it is the intensity of the rainfall recorded in Lagos and connecting rivers that determines the level to be released by the Oyan Dam authorities.

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He added that in the last one week, the volume of water released has ranged from 15,000 milliliters through to 21,000 and reducing to 17,000 milliliters on Monday.

Bello stated that as more water is released from Oyan Dam, peaking in October, residents in low-lying areas should be on standby to move to higher grounds.

He gave an assurance that the release of water will not cause flooding on the Lagos/Ibadan Express as it was experienced in 2011.

Specifically, he said residents who live in the downstream of Isheri Olofin up to part of Agboyi will experience flooding as earlier alerted.

Bello stressed that similarly, Onikoyi/Agelete community at IBA New Town at IBA LCDA are also experiencing flooding due to their closeness to Yewa River.

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