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Rape: Youths kick against act, launches aggressive campaign

Rape: Youths kick against act, launches aggressive campaign

As the nation celebrated the first June 12 anniversary officially declared as Democracy Day in Nigeria, youths in Oshodi-Isolo Local Government under the auspices of a non-political group named Not2young To Rule took to the metropolises of the local government to sensitizes the community and add their voice to say NO to anti-social behaviour such as rape, abuses and violence against women which is becoming a norm in our society.

The group commenced their campaign with strict compliance to social distancing and use of face mask from Ogunoloko with different messages on placard such as STOP RAPE, SAY NO TO RAPE, SEX WITHOUT CONSENT IS RAPE, WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECT RESPECT THEM AND TREAT THEM RIGHT, JUSTICE FOR ALL NIGERIAN GIRLS AND WOMEN, REAL MEN DONT RAPE and more.

They walked through the streets within the metropolis which includes Lemo, Daudu, Rufai, Oyegoke, Mafoluku Road, Oshodi Road, Church Street, Oyetayo, Arowojobe, Oluwasanmi, Hassan, Sehinde Callisto with the group intermittently converged to educate the residents not to partake in any form of anti-social behaviour and Say No To Rape, be bold to report any form of abuse or violence against women either directly on them, neighbour or within their community to Nigeria police who are empowered by the constitution to prosecute offenders.

The convener of the group, comrade Moshood Adewonuola Rahman said Rape is a crime against humanity and everybody should stand against.

“Today the youths of Oshodi-Isolo Local Government boldly add our voice to voices of Nigerians to Say NO To RAPE, abuse or violence in any form against our women and any anti-social behaviour in our community and Local Government. Women should be respected, they are mothers to our nation. Specifically, God instructed us to respect and treat them with caution in all the Holy Books so why do we have to be aggressive, hurt, maltreat or forced them into a sexual act without their consent”, he said.

He enjoined Nigeria legislature as a matter of urgency to come out with a stiffer penalty for rape offenders and expedite the judicial process to prosecute them so as to give justice to the victim who has been traumatised.

Many of the residents appreciated the Not2young To Rule for the laudable enlightenment campaign and urged people to be more vigilant as most of this cases are happening every day within the community but people kept quiet because their relative or family are not the direct victim forgetting that what goes around comes around.

The group appreciated Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Chairman Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh for his support to the group and was represented by Mr A.Oladejo, G.Achebe, R.Oppola, K.Ajayi R.Mutairu from the department of Human right and fight against rape.



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