Home Health Rotary will do more on COVID-19; Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope

Rotary will do more on COVID-19; Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope

Rotary will do more on COVID-19; Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope

The President of Rotary Club of Alagbado, Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope Samuel has approved the club’s COVID-19 Pandemic relief fund of Three Hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira (N380, 000.00) for the execution of production of relief and or supportive materials for the people of Alagbado community where the club domicile.

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This was made known at the club’s first physical meeting on Saturday 9th May 2020 after he ordered the alt of all club physical activities in March.

He said the apex body of the humanitarian service club, Rotary District 9110, Nigeria has graciously doled out the sum of Seventy-Five Thousand Naira to clubs to carry-out a COVID-19 project in their domain to further support the government in the fight of the virus in various communities in Lagos and Ogun state.

Rotary will do more on COVID-19; Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope
Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope, President Rotary Club of Alagbado, D9119. Nigeria.

Rotn. Aderibigbe Temitope has further released additional three hundred and five thousand Naira (N305, 000.00)  as counterpart funding for the community to benefit immensely.

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“Having discussed with the board and on board’s approval, I further approved additional N305,  000  to be added to the district fund. The money will go for hand sanitizers and nose masks for the benefit of Alagbado residence”, he said.

“This time around, Rotary will do more on health projects this time due to the pandemic outbreak. Now Rotary will do more on COVID-19 combat in Nigeria”, he concluded.

He expressly calls for the immediate commencement of the project and called on the project committee members to put modalities in place for the prompt production and onward distribution to the community members.

Furthermore, the service project chairman of the club, Rotn. Ayokunle Ayinde has also said that the production of the nose mask and sanitizers will commence immediately and will be shared accordingly and as approved.



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