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Unified Ojokoro appoints new executives for 2021 – 2023 administration


The Shurah Committee of Unified Local Government Muslim Staff Association Ojokoro LCDA on Thursday 25th February 2021 appointed the association’s executives for the next dispensation which takes effect immediately and to run for two years.

In his opening remarks, the head of the Shurah Committee Imam Afeez Alli appreciated all members of the Unified Local Government Muslim Staff Association Ojokoro LCDA and the outgone executive members for their cooperation, supports and the upliftment of the Muslim staff association.


During the sermon of Imam, Ali Afeez; he called on all Muslim staffs to take the responsibilities and duties of Islam more important than the attention and time were given to worldly affairs.

Noting that, “all we do in Islam has reward on earth and the year after”.

The outgoing Amir, Alhaji Fatai Balogun during his valedictory speech expressed his deepest appreciation and supports enjoyed by the outgoing executives and the entire Shurah committee who entrusted the responsibilities of the association in their care.

While speaking on the journey so far and the challenges encounter most especially during COVID19 which prevented the association from executing some of her outlined events. Most especially, the Ramadan lecture which later took place via social media.

Alhaji Balogun on his final note prayed for the success and better performance for the incoming executives.

“I pray for the incoming executive to achieve all we are unable to achieve during our out gone tenure in office”, he concluded.

The newly appointed, Amir of Unified Ojokoro Chapter, Brother Ganiyu Sotola in his acceptance speech appreciated Allah and the Shurah Committee for entrusting him the task ahead. While assuring all unified members that no stone will be left unturned.

“We shall not leave any stone unturned and we will continue to toll the parts of the unified to the letter”, he said.

“Insha Allah we are going to have our general meeting by April before Ramadan. While speaking with the newly appointed executives, he urged them to continue to be up and doing in the ways of Almighty Allah. Do not forget your Zakat and Sadakoh”, he said.


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