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Vigilante Group of Nigeria speaks on the group’s leadership tussle


The Board of Trustees of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) has started it stands on the leadership crisis of the group.

Earlier before now, there had been several reports about the authenticity of who the Commander General / National Chairman of the security outfit.

To this end, the Board of Trustees has stated that it’s National Chairman is Usman Jahun Mohammad through a press release and also sending a note of warning to people who are taking the advantage of the situation to desist from such and respect the decision of the board of trustees.

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The leadership tussle which has been between Usman Jahun and Ali Sokoto of blessed memory.

According to the press release, the Court of Appeal sitting over the case has ruled in favour of Usman Jahun which makes him the authentic Commander General.

In another development, another member of the group, Alhaji Bakori Umar is claiming the leadership of the security outfit. Bakori before the death of Ali Sokoto is the Chief of Staff to the deceased.

During a phone interview with Alhaji Bakori, he attested to the fact that the appeal court rules in favour of Usman Jahun Muhammad.

He further said that there is another suit filed against Jahun at the Supreme Court which strategically made Bakori the National Coordinator of the group.
Bakori further said that all the documents of VGN including the original certificate of the group and the documents of the VGN’s account are in his custody.

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Speaking with Usman Jahun, he made known that all documents in possession of Bakori were illegally in his custody because those documents should reside with the BOT but he took the advantage of the death of Ali Sokoto to have them.

“Bakori does not have any right to be in the custody of those documents he claimed to have but the BOT, he only took it at the resident of Late Ali Sokoto and before his demise, I won the case at the Court of Appeal and remains the National Coordinator of The Vigilante Group of Nigeria”, he said.

He further referred to the recent press statement of the BOT which attested to the fact that Usman Jahun remains the authentic Commander General and the National Coordinator of the organisation.


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